Recent papers

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Madi N, et al. (2023). Phage predation and antibiotic exposure are inversely associated with disease severity and shape pathogen genetic diversity in cholera patients bioRxiv.

Douglas GM, Doolittle WF, Shapiro BJ (2023). Pseudogenes as a neutral reference for detecting selection in prokaryotic pangenomes. bioRxiv.

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Chen PE & Shapiro BJ (2021). Classic genome-wide association methods are unlikely to identify causal variants in strongly clonal microbial populations. bioRxiv.

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N’Guessan A, Brito IL, Serohijos AWR, Shapiro BJ. Mobile gene sequence evolution within individual human gut microbiomes is better explained by gene-specific than host-specific selective pressures. Genome Biology & Evolution

Madi N, Vos M, Murall CL, Legendre P, Shapiro BJ. Does diversity beget diversity in microbiomes? eLife

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